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DRUNK DRAWER: What the F to do with your Kids on Halloween - COVID Style

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Halloween is quickly approaching, and in true 2020 fashion, we’re pretty unsure what to expect. Kids are still picking out Halloween costumes, prepping for their trick-or-treating trek, and are still psyched for this holiday to approach. But as a parent, you may be wondering what the heck to do with your kids! Is it safe to go trick-or-treating in the middle of a global pandemic? Will my kids be safe wearing a mask but still approaching a stranger’s house? Can I just wipe all of their candy down with a Clorox wipe before they start in on their sugar high?! We can’t answer all of these questions for you but we have come up with some alternatives to venturing around your neighborhood in search of the king-sized candy bars.

  1. Turn every room into your home into a “neighbor's house” - Kids can go around the house “trick-or-treating” and retrieve candy from each room! You can take the time to theme each room or decorate your doors to give the kids a thrill as they get their fill of sweet treats.

  2. Host An Outdoor Movie Night - Here in New England it’s always a total toss-up whether or not it will snow on Halloween, the winds will be whipping or we’ll luck out with some nice weather that doesn't have us layering up our children under their already too tight costumes! (if 2020 has its way we’ll likely get a blizzard this year but we’re keeping our fingers crossed) If the weather permits, pick up an outdoor projector, a sheet, and find yourself a kid-friendly Halloween movie! Add in some popcorn, blankets, and Halloween candy and watch a movie under the stars with the family! Invite the neighborhood kids for some socially distanced viewing.

  3. Trick-or-Treat Hunt - Call in the Easter bunny to help out the ghosts and goblins with the candy this year. Repurpose those eggs you save for each easter egg hunt (or snag some fresh ones) and hide your candy around the yard! Kids can be entertained for a solid period of time (depending on your hiding skills) scouring the yard for their candy treasure and you can sit back and enjoy a cocktail!

  4. Halloween Game Night - We could go a little crazy with this one but there are a ton of DIY games out there for you to entertain your kids with some good ol’ fashion games. From donuts on a string, ghost bowling, sensory bowls, and more. You could go down a deep dark rabbit hole on Pinterest finding all the games to play, but pick a couple and get competitive with the fam!

2020 has been a kick in the ass for most of us, especially all you parents out there. Whether or not you dress your kids, throw on a movie and put a bowl of candy in front of them, or simply walk around your hood to seek some level of “normalcy,” you deserve a medal for parenting this year. So do whatever the F you want, but either way save some of that candy for yourself!


About the Author: Creator. Tacoholic. Your Biggest Fan. Jordan has a passion for helping brands show off who they are to the world. Rolling Hills is her side piece but there’s nothing secondary about it. She’ll be your brand's biggest hype lady and help you find more like her via the interwebz! She’s also living proof that influencer marketing really works.

*Drunk Drawer = Our digital version of the infamous "junk drawer" we all have at home. Like the items in your drawer, these blogs will be 100% random and 50% useful...

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