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Meet Jordan!

Jordan McMillan, Content Marketer

Jordan McMillan is an avid taco lover with a passion for helping brands show off who they are to the world. With a career that started in sales, (Oh hey, Cutco Knives!), Jordan brings a unique and out of the box perspective to marketing. Read: She’s not really phased by “no” and has about a million and one other ideas to solve your problem.


Jordan is currently running marketing for a non-profit, Haymakers for Hope - a 501(c)(3) charity organization that organizes amateur charity boxing matches to raise money for cancer research, care, awareness, and survivorship. She boxed in an H4H event in 2015 and after winning by  TKO (for you none boxing peeps, that’s when a referee has stopped the fight because the other boxer has stopped fighting back or is unable to no longer defend themselves… yeah…  she’s kind of a badass) they asked her to work for them! 


Rolling Hills Media is Jordan’s current side piece. She helps our clients with content marketing, growing their presence on social media, and helping brands find meaningful collaborations with influencers and other like-minded brands!


When she’s not Instagramming, blogging, or working on websites, she can be found consuming tacos almost daily, hanging out with her goddaughter, working out on her back deck, or being influenced on Instagram and buying things her friends want to steal (but eventually just buy for themselves).

1. What Did You Study in College/What Did You Want to Be When You Grow Up?


I studied communications at Northeastern University in Boston! At that point in my life I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go, but I knew great communication is the basis of pretty much everything so I figured it was a place to start! When I was growing up I was very convinced I was going to be a star point guard in the WNBA like Sue Bird. (I also told people my parents named me after Michael Jordan…) Then I was going to be a lifeguard in Newport Beach, CA, a live-in nanny, an interior designer, or a stay-at-home mom. I was really all over the place!


2. What's Your Favorite Thing About Your Role at RHM? Least Favorite Thing?

Working with two of my best friends! But seriously, I have been very lucky that the companies I’ve worked for have introduced me to some of my very best friends, including Julia & Carolyn (TY Harpoon!) Having a team that you can be creative with, be vulnerable with, ask for help, celebrate the wins, and be there when there are lows - that is the greatest gift you could ask for when it comes to work!

Least Favorite? Two words: Social Media. I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I’ve been managing or helping manage a social account for a brand going on 7 years now, and it can be exhausting. From feeling pressure to post every. single. day., always coming up with new and creative content, comparing yourself to what others are doing, how they’re doing it better, and just going down a total spiral.


The world of social media never stops, and when it’s the norm to be on social media in your personal life, but then also for work - it can get frustrating sometimes. But as much as I hate on it, I love being able to stay connected with my friends from all walks of life, find delicious tasty treats to make, take a live pilates class and save posts on how to decorate my future dream home. 

3. Tell Us About Your Most Hilarious Fail.

I was setting up for a festival at Harpoon Brewery and had a small hole in the inner thigh area of my jeans (the kind that you say you’ll get patched but take forever to actually do it). Well, I went to get up on a very large truck bed, and as I did - the rip grew 3 sizes that day and extended all across the back of my thigh (right under my bum). Not to mention I was an intern, and the only female helping set up that day. Thankfully all my male coworkers were cool and got right on board making fun of me for the rest of the day.


4. What's Something (Work Related) You're Really Proud Of? 

Landing a job at RHM!?! Talk about DREAM JOB!

5. What's One Thing You've Picked Up or Learned During Quarantine?


Has it really been 6 months since this all first went down?! Holy moly time flies! (but also that was just yesterday?!) I’ve taken up a few hobbies during quarantine, one of them is watercolor painting, I took a calligraphy class from Freedom Letters, learned how to knit thanks to Shit That I Knit knitting kit, and I have started baking A LOT more. Okay, that’s more than one - but aside from hobbies, the most important thing I’ve learned even though it took a global pandemic and shut down of the world to remind me is that everyone is just a FaceTime away! I LOVED facetime pre-COVID (just ask my friends) but thanks to COVID it became the only way to see people's faces, therefore when they were in their homes doing nothing they were more willing to click that green button and accept the call!

6. What’s Your Advice for Any Up and Coming, Wannabe Digital Marketers?

NETWORK! And I don’t just mean adding as many people as you can on LinkedIn. I am a people person and cannot stress enough that the connections you make, and more importantly nurture, go a long way. Whether you're in high school, college, or an established career, making genuine connections with people in your industry - and outside of your industry - is one of the most important things you can do in my opinion. 


Secondly - I learned this from the good ol’ days selling Cutco Cutlery - every no is closer to a yes. So when you get a no on a job interview, or from pitching a client, or even something small like approval on a creative piece - Don’t let that get you down. Yes, you can sulk for a second, but then pick your head up, learn from it (there are always things to learn from rejection), and move on to the next one - with more ammo in your pocket to get that YES!

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